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Wimme Saari, Tapani Rinne and the secret life of hymns

“When the song had finished, another began to sing a church hymn without the usual words, sang it very loudly and wasn’t inclined to stop at all, so that I think he’s still singing.“ That was what the Italian explorer Giuseppe Acerbi wrote during his journey to Sámiland in 1799, and he was right: the hymn goes on.

As Wimme Saari and Tapani Rinne see it, ”Hymns are an important part of our musical memories. They are the music of our early childhood, the first tunes we heard.“

“The world of the hymns has been with us right from childhood,” recalls Wimme. ”I’m from the part of Sámiland where the Laestadian movement is strong: even in our homes we had meetings for worship and sang hymns. And on church festivals such as Christmas and Easter, we sang hymns continually from morning till evening, we listened to sermons and we sang. The hymns are deep inside me, just as yoiks are.“

”My parents and my grandparents are from the country," says Tapani, “and the church and the hymns were part of my childhood in Satakunta region, they were sung at family festivals, at weddings and funerals. The teacher I had in primary school was very religious and so when I was less than ten years old I sang the Hymns of Zion and songs from the Songbook of Zion. Often when you ask musicians about their earliest musical memories they mention the Hurriganes and Weather Report or the idols of young people, but generally these first musical experiences are from early childhood, and most often they are actually hymns.”

Soabbi doesn’t fit with people’s initial expectations of a hymn recording. The hymns in this recording contain improvisation and yoik, deep emotion, a kind of northern blues and gospel. It’s music that follows on naturally from the work Wimme and Tapani have done together. They share a long musical history.

Wimme sang in the RinneRadio Dance and Visions album of 1990, a full 23 years ago. Since then their paths have never been far apart, often meeting and crossing each other. Wimme performed in the RinneRadio album Joik (1992) and Unik (1994), and Tapani was both the producer and a musician when Wimme’s three earliest albums were recorded, i.e. Wimme (1995), Gierran (1997) and Cugu (2000). In 2009 Wimme sang in the Rinneradio album Pole Stars, and in the following year the two men collaborated on Wimme’s album Mun, which received a Teosto award.

The shared path of Wimme and Tapani has been characterised by both a respect for tradition and a search for new approaches; they have brought the old elements into new landscapes, with a creative mix of joiks, electronic music, soundscapes, acoustic and ambient music. And the distance from yoiks to hymns isn’t as far as one might think.

Yoik is a fundamental and living part of Sámi culture, as everyone knows, but those who grow up in the north know that hymns are just as firmly rooted in the Sámiami song tradition. They represent another side of it. On the surface, yoik and hymn singing may seem far from each other, but culturally they have a close kinship.

When Laestadianism began to have an influence in Sámiland in the second half of the 19th century, people began to see yoiking as sinful. The music researcher and composer Armas Launis, who travelled in Sámiland in the early 20th century, wrote in his travel journal: “ the village I tried to get others to yoik, but they wouldn’t, because they were believers. For about ten years here there’s been a religious revival, and its influence has caused yoik to be rejected. Many no longer know how to do it.“ That is what Launis wrote, but the fact is that the yoik singer and the hymn singer were often one and the same person, and hymn singing could very easily turn into yoik singing.

Wimme laughs: ”When a Sámi hymn singer went into a state of ecstasy, the old yoiks burst forth.“

In his travel journal of 1905, Armas Launis describes hymn singing in the church at Koutokeino: “There wasn’t much of a congregation, about twenty women and a couple of men, in addition to the family of the local police chief and the priest. (...) Everything else was perfectly normal, but that hymn singing — it was something completely different. It was really yoiking.”

”My mother was a yoik singer when she was young,“ says Wimme, ”but when she became a believer she gave up yoiking and moved to hymn singing. Often in the evenings, even on weekdays, she would sit in her rocking chair, take out her hymnbook and sing her own favourite hymns. And when her mind began to fade, I could get her to sleep by singing hymns, I could calm her by giving voice to her favourite hymns.“

In 2003 Wimme sang a few of his mother’s favourite hymns for his solo recording, Gapmu. One of the hymns was Soajáidat vuollái govčča, or Protect Me With Thy Wings, hymn number 552 in the hymnbook, which can be heard in this recording.

“Solo hymn singing is the kind of hymn singing I feel closest to; that’s how I heard my mother sing them. That’s where my own memories come from,” says Wimme. “I sing them in the same way. It isn’t a public statement or singing with a loud voice. It isn’t hymn singing in church. It’s singing that is intimate, meditative and deeply thoughtful.“

”The expression and the sense of presence are there in hymn singing just as they are in yoiking. Both involve concentration on just that moment and the emotion that arises from that moment,” says Wimme. “I sometimes find it difficult to sing a hymn when there’s a deep feeling striving to come forth — the moment is so delicate. And the words of the hymn are also important, you should be in touch with the idea. You should understand the text, experience and feel it, throw yourself into it in the same way as with yoiking. You mustn’t just reel off the words mechanically.”

”After the revivalist movement came on the scene people no longer yoiked in houses and villages,“ says Wimme, ”but out in the hills, in places where there were no priests or churchmen, the yoik stayed alive and it has stayed alive up to this day.“ The yoik survived, but hidden from public view. During the 1960s, Nils-Aslak “Ailu” Valkeapää made the yoik widely known. He yoiked in public, brought yoik onto the concert platform. And thus it feels quite natural that on this Soabbi recording there should be a poem written by Ailu: Donhan leat dán eatnama basuhan, or You have Sanctified this Land.

The hymns on this recording are in the Sámi language. The first Sámi hymnbook appeared as long ago as the start of the 17th century. The majority of Sámi hymns are from the Lutheran tradition. The melodies date mainly from 16th—18th century Germany, with some also from Sweden, Denmark and Norway. And the compositions have a colourful history: many of the melodies are from secular songs, love songs, and ballads. Even humorous ditties were adapted for solemn and devout songs of faith. The hymns were generally unaccompanied, and people did not use written notation. Thus, the hymns were learnt purely by ear.

”Many of the finest and most beautiful hymns are old hymns from the Awakening movement,“ says Wimme. ”They are deep and strong and they have beautiful melodies, but they are also full of life and truth. They touch on people’s sins, passions and lusts, all the ways people are torn this way and that by pleasures and by life itself. In the old hymns things are said just as they are felt, they blaze forth, full of colour and power.“

“Hardcore,” Tapani declares. “And as so often happens, tamer versions of them were made later on.“

”And when that happened,” Wimme adds, “the hymns lost their original power.”

Soabbi isn’t just hymns, but a musical journey into the world of memories, going to the far reaches of powerful emotions and tender feelings. A journey into living truth, in which one idea doesn’t change abruptly into another; rather, things change in an organic manner, the way things change in nature, like light, or the weather.

The atmosphere of Soabbi fits well with the words of the Italian explorer Giuseppe Acerbi, who travelled in Sámiland in 1799. In his travel journal he wrote about “the sighing of the wind in the branches of the trees and in the deep, dark forests“ and about the music that is made ”when the rivers plunge majestically between craggy cliffs, when the waters surge with an intoxicating roar, causing the spray to rise up into the clouds.“

In listening to this recording one can easily forget that the only sounds come from the human voice and the bass clarinet. From Wimme Saari and Tapani Rinne. In theory, the totality could sound minimalistic, bare and archaic, but although the musical elements are sparse, they are rich. The music has delicacy, but it also contains the same passion as in the best hymns: the power of doom metal, the tones of dark ambient music and of electronic brimstone. Maybe that is the secret of Soabbi. One person with a special artistic role is Pauli Saastamoinen, who has created a delicate soundscape for the recording. One could even say that the studio is the third instrument in this recording.

“We started off from the hymns themselves,” says Tapani, “but as always happens with us, the process went off in its own direction and carried us along. Soabbi is the natural result of everything we have done together. We could easily start thinking that such and such a thing isn’t allowed, that you can’t do it like this. But we’ve always taken the view that we should be able to combine things. That’s been our mission.”

“Relaxation and unhurriedness are an important part of this music. We wanted to create a kind of flowing, floating music,“ says Tapani, ”music in which the listener isn’t forced into any state of thinking or feeling, and is just given space and peace. Music in which you can breathe calmly.”

“The bass clarinet was an obvious choice,” he says. “It’s been in our shared projects for a long time and we’ve noticed that it fits well with the human voice.“

”It’s good to sing with it,” observes Wimme.

“And the song has to express who you are and where you are,” he says. “It must express a sense of being part of this world, of being part of a great totality. It must communicate a feeling of safety, as if you were in the womb, in some safe, small place — which is at the same time as vast as space — and still you feel safe.“

“Hymn singing is as much a matter of singing to yourself as singing to the people who are near you,” says Wimme. “When a song feels good to the singer it will probably feel good to the listeners as well; the sense of warmth and safety will come across. There will be a feeling of calmness from the song, it will give energy. And as it does so it will communicate some kind of greater power, it won’t be a matter of just singing a hymn.”

Text by Jukka Mikkola
Translated by Donald Adamson

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